Episode #211: A Friend in Need

by Special Guest: KC KSum (Warlock Pinchers; Jon Benet's Tricycle)

Released 04/05/2018
Released 04/05/2018
Arlo talks with KC KSum about his documentary Jon Benet's Tricycle and other stuff. . .
Alf Kremer (Sunday Nights 93.3 KTCL)
For Use Of His Edit Of "Don't Play This Song On The Radio"!
The Damned - Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow
White Plains - My Baby Loves Love
Bill Quateman - I Want To Be Known (For The way I Love You)
(Diablo Montalban Mix)(Technical Difficulties)
They Might Be Giants (Dial-A-Song) - Tick Tick Tick Tick
They Might Be Giants - This Microphone
They Might Be Giants - Burnice
Ricky Dean - Hub Cap Annie - Live At The Colfax Museum
Diablo Montalban - Extreme Danger
Donnie and Joe Emerson - Good Time
Gary Wilson - Debbie Debbie
Hisao Shinagawa - Human Computer
Shintaro Sakamoto - Extremely Bad Man
Ray Connif - One Paddle Two Paddle
Ceramic Dog - Muslim Jewish Resistance
K.C K-Sum - Donald Trump Rides A Cockhorse
(Censored Version)
Warlock Pinchers - Don't Play This Song On The Radio
(Alf Kremer Edit)
Scramblehead - Mechanical Man
Scramblehead - Sick City
Scramblehead - Look At Your Game Girl
Warlock Pinchers - Jesus On The Urinal Cake
Warlock Pinchers - Forever Your Girl (Circusized Peanuts)
Warlock Pinchers - Forever Your Girl (Bomb The Franklin Mint)
Warlock Pinchers - I Think Were Tiffany
(Diablo Montalban Experience Destroyer Mix)
KC KSum WarlockPinchers - Donald Trump Rides a Cockhorse
(Censored Version)

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