Episode #213 Florida and Carl, Part Two

by Special Guest: Martha Davis (The Motels)

Released 04/19/2018
Released 04/19/2018
Arlo talks with the fantastic Martha Davis from the Motels!
Derek Smalls (featuring Dweezil Zappa) - MRI
X Japan - Standing Sex
They Might Be Giants (Dial A Song) -
I Hav'nt Been Right Yet
James Kochalka Superstar - Dead Puppies
Burl Ives -
Wayfaring Stranger/Wooly Bully Bee (Diablo Montalban Mix)
Stan Ridgway - Gone Deep Underground
K.C. K-Sum - Donald Trump Rides A Cockhorse (Radio Edit)
The Motels - Mission Of Mercy
The Motels- Punchline
The Motels - As Long As
The Motels - Lucky Stars
The Motels - Look At Me
The Motels - Machine
The Motels - Light Me Up
The Motels - Tipping Point
The Motels - Imposters
The Motels - Criminal
The Motels - Nobody
The Motels - The Last Few Beautiful Days
The Motels - Anticipating
The Motels - Porn Reggae
The Motels - Total Control
The Motels - Atomic Cafe
The Motels - Celia
The Motels - Counting

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