Episode #219: Willona, The Fuzz

by Special Guests: Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, Big Star, REM) and John Auer (The Posies)

Released 06/28/2018
Released 06/28/2018
Arlo talks with Ken Stringfellow and John Auer from the Posies!
Mick's Jaguar - The Real Boss
The O'Jay's - I Love Music
They Might Be Giants - Dial A Song - Last Wave (Alternate)
The Born Readies - Automatic
Diablo Montalban - Tink Tink (Praise The Lard Mix)
The Posies - Dream All Day
The Posies - Believe In Something Other (Than Yourself)
The Posies - Blind Eyes open
The Posies - Suddenly Mary
The Posies - Apology
The Posies - Flavor Of the month
The Posies - Solar Sister
Big Star - When My Baby's Beside Me (Live / Columbia)
Big Star - Ballad Of El Goodo (Live / Columbia)
Big Star - Lady Sweet
The Posies - Daily Mutilation
The Posies - Grant Hart
The Posies - Throwaway
The Posies - Looking Lost
The Posies - Start A Life
The Posies - Plastic Paperbacks
The Posies - The Glitter Prize
The Posies - Golden Blunders
The Posies - Flood Of Sunshine
The Posies - I Am The Cosmos

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