Episode #232: J.J.'s Condition

Released 12/20/2018
Released 12/20/2018
Anderson Paak - Who R U (Clean)
(DM Double Trouble Mix)
Ice Cube - Arrest The President (Clean)
Vulfpeck - Darwin Derby
They Might Be Giants - Dial A Song - Istanbul (Live)
LINT - Goddess Of Love
Ex: Re - I Can't Keep You
Mercury Rev - Big Boss Man (W/ Hope Sandoval)
Hanif Adburraquib -
Defiance, Ohio Is The Name Of A Band
Defiance, Ohio - Oh, Susquehanna!
Dolly Parton - Dumb Blonde
Diablo Montalban - Listen To Me!?
Diablo Montalban - Christmas Dime
King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas
Spinal Tap - Christmas With The Devil
Wonder Woman - Prisoner Of Christmas Island (Part 1) (DM Ice Box Mix)
Heather Noel - Santa Came On A Nuclear Missile
Barnes & Barnes - Candy Cane Lane
Shirley And Squirrely - A Squirrely Christmas
Clownvis Presley -
Don't Be A Bitch Or You Won't Get Stuff For Christmas
El Vez - Santa Claus Is Sometimes Brown
The Beatles -
Everywhere It's Christmas Time Is Here Again (DM Mix)
Wonder Woman - Prisoner Of Christmas Island (Part 2)
(DM Ice Box Mix)
The Youngsters - Christmas In Jail
The Three Stooges - Jingle Bell Drag
Stan Freberg - Christmas Dragnet
(DM Plate Of Relish Mix)
Louis Armstrong - 'Zat You, Santa Claus
(DM Who's There? Mix)
The Enchanters - Mambo Santa Mambo
King Diamond - Christmas
Halford - I Don't Care
Lemmy / Billy Gibbons / Dave Grohl - Run Rudolph Run
Tom Waits - Postcard From A Hooker In Minneapolis

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