Episode #233: Willona, the Other Woman

by Special Guest: Church Fire

Released 12/27/2018
Released 12/27/2018
Church Fire comes to the Hypnotic Turtle Radio 1190 studio to hang out and play music.
My Brightest Diamond - You Wanna See My Teeth
Yves Tumor - Honesty
DBUK - In San Francisco Bay
They Might Be Giants - Dial A Song - Mrs. Bluebeard
Diablo Montalban - The Lord Is Coming With Fire
church fire - i wanna taste (Live in Studio!)
church fire - sick meat (Live in Studio!)
church fire - painless (Live in Studio!)
church fire - almost over (Live in Studio!)
church fire - name in lights (Live in Studio!)
church fire - ephemera (Live in Studio!)
church fire - every toss a tightening (Live in Studio!)
King Kobra and The Venoms - Everybody Now Limbo
Wheelchair Sports Camp - Take Stairs in Case of Fire
Wheelchair Sports Camp - Mary Had A Little Band
The Milk Blossoms - Parade
The Milk Blossoms - Supermoon
Mirror Fears - Break (Live)
church fire - bone dust
church fire - doom
church fire - sunday
church fire - fake
church fire - gay sex
hackedepicciotto - Pilgrim
Hypnotic Radio Theatre - Xanadu
John Parr - Naughty Naughty (DM Molten Lava Mix)
church fire - mechanical
church fire - i'm alright

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