Episode #239: United We Stand

Released 02/21/2019
Released 02/21/2019
The King James Version - Get Ready For This
The Monkees - Your Auntie Grizelda (RIP Peter Tork)
The Monkees - Diddy Diego War Chant
The Monkees - Circle Sky (Live)
The Monkees - Zilch
The Monkees - No Time
Peter Tork - MGB GT
Diablo Montalban - Stillness
Del The Funky Homosapien - Mistadobolina
Rick Dees - Meatballs
REQ'D - Trash
Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams -
A Little Bit Is Better Than None
Diablo Montalban - The Great Entertainer
Here Lies Man - Animal Noises
Rupert Holmes - Partners In Crime
Chaka Khan - Hello Happiness
Chaka Khan - Hello Happiness (SOULSPY Disco Mix)
Rupert Holmes - Lunch Hour
Frank Zappa - Baby Take Your Teeth Out
Diablo Montalban - No Matter
Carol Hall - Carnival Man (DM Callous Hands Mix)
Rupert Holmes - Answering Machine
LINT - Emergency Breakthrough
The Tubes - Love Will Keep Us Together
Tim Heidecker - ICE Agent Ray
pat mAcdonald - Where Was The Wall
Hamster Dragster - This Land Is Your Land
Diablo Montalban - M-E-R-I-C-A For M-E
Chaka Khan - Hello Happiness (DM Re Re Reprise Mix)

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