Episode #241: Stomach Mumps, part two

by Special Guest: pat mAcdonald (Timbuk 3/Holiday Music Motel/Purgatory Hill/Steel Bridge Radio)

Released 03/28/2019
Released 03/28/2019
Arlo talks with pat mAcdonald from Timbuk 3! / The Holiday Music Motel! / Purgatory Hill!
Steel Bridge Radio
Selector Dub Narcotic - Bounce It Out
The Yeti Trio - Luncheon
Timbuk3 - My Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
Purgatory Hill - Invisible Pistols
pat mAcdonald - A Haunted Gutar
pat mAcdonald - Runnin' On Low
pat mAcdonald - Angel Of Mercy
Pat MAcdonald - If I Can't Love You Better
pat mAcdonald - Joy
pat mAcdonald - River Bottom
pat mAcdonald - Nothin' Soon Enough
pat mAcdonald - Dire Straits
pat mAcdonald - Just To Talk To You
Pat MAcdonald - Bird Song
pat mAcdonald - Where Was The Wall
Purgatory Hill - Space Kitty Blues
Tarl Knight / Michael Bleck / Nick Hoover -
We Love This town (Steel Bridge Radio)
Adam Mackintosh / Corey Carlson -
What Can I Do To Change Your Mind (Steel Bridge Radio)
Timbuk3 - Hairstyles And Attitudes
Timbuk3 - Assholes On Parade
Timbuk3 - Life Is Hard
Timbuk3 - Big Shot In The Dark
Timbuk3 - Born To Be Wild
Andre Williams - Bacon Fat
Andre Williams - Hard Hustling
Andre Williams -
Don't Hurt Your Knees (You Might Need Them To Pray)

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