Episode #249: The Traveling Christmas

by Special Guest: Stephen DePace (Flipper)

Released 07/18/2019
Released 07/18/2019
Arlo talks with Stephen DePace, the drummer for Flipper, in advance of Meet flipper & david yow pancake breakfast at Mutiny and Flipper // 40th Anniversary with David Yow at the Marquis -- both this Saturday, July 20th
ROYAL TRUX - Purple Audacity #1
(the) Melvins - Sacrifice
Jello Biafra & The Melvins - Lessons In What Not To Become
The Melvins / Flipper - Hot Fish
LINT - Crazy Foam + Crazy Face = Crazy Mother Crazy Crazy
Jesus Lizard - Puss
Diablo Montalban - Monolith Yow Yow
David Yow - Tonight You Look Like A Spider
David Yow - Uncle
Cliff Barrows & The Gang - The long Long Road
Jean Caffeine - Sadie Saturday Night Revisited
Jack Bruce & Robin Trower - Lives Of Clay
The Hound Of Love - Back In My Room - (Dirty Donny Gillies)
The Hound of Love - Hold On, Wait
The Frogs - I Love You (You Know I Don't)
- The Frogs Official band page
Flipper - Sacrifice (Live)
Flipper - TheOld Lady Who Swallowed
Flipper - Love Canal 7"
Flipper - Ha Ha Ha 7"
Flipper - Ever
Flipper - Life Is Cheap
Flipper - The Lights, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise
Flipper - Way Of The World
Flipper - Talk's Cheap
Flipper - Flipper Blues (Live)
Flipper - Fucked Up Once Again
Flipper - Love Fight
Flipper - Sex Bomb (DM Bomb Pop Pop Mix)
Flipper - One By One
Flipper - Ever

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