Episode #254: Where Have All the Doctors Gone?

Released 09/12/2019
Released 09/12/2019
Alex Cameron - Stepdad
Alex Cameron - Far From Home Again
Alex Cameron - Divorce
Daniel Johnston Takes Over WFMU Pt.1
Daniel Johnston - Life In Vain
Silver Jews - Trains Accross The Sea
Silver Jews - New Orleans
Silver Jews - Random Rules
Purple Mountains -
She's Turning Friends, I'm Turning Stranger
Purple Mountains - Maybe I'm The Only One For Me
Tom Bright - Excitable Repairman (DM Calm Down Mix)
Daniel Johnston Takes Over WFMU Pt.2
Bob Macallister - Fingleheimer Stomp
Diablo Montalban - I Be Scared
Fish Karma -
Rocking And Rolling With The Little Baby Jesus
Bruce McCullogh - Baby Jesus - Radio
Daniel Johnston Takes Over WFMU Pt.3
Daniel Johnston - Lord, Give Me Hope
DEADBUBBLES - Zoo Kicker And I
Firebird 4000 Project - Zoo Kicker and I
Victor Krummenacher - The Prettiest Train
Daniel Johnston Takes Over WFMU Pt.4
(DM Let The Sun Shine In Mix)
Matt Shupe - Zoo Kicker And I

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