Episode #256: The Art Contest

Released 11/07/2019
Released 11/07/2019
Weird Paul Petroskey - A Guy In Romania
M.O.T.O. - Choking On Your Insides
Diablo Montalban - Pr@y
M.O.T.O. - Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance To The Radio
Diablo Montalban - Danger Danger Zone
Longmont Potion Castle - LPC 16 Theme (Radio Edit)
LINT - Goddess Of Love - A Tribute To Ralph Gean
Eric Allen - One Night In San Antonio - Ralph Gean
Diablo Montalban - Bamalalla Nights
Diablo Montalban -
The Only Path And Passage To The Vortex
Jean Caffeine - Love, What Is It
Negativland - Cadillac (DM Lac Lac Mix)
Negativland - This Is Not Normal
National Lampoon - Deteriorata
Dr. A. C. - Busy Lady
Diablo Montalban - Break It Down For Me Fellas!
The Bran Flakes - There's A Lot Of Things In Life Today
Cucumbers - My Boyfriend (Demo)
Alex Cameron - Bad For The Boys (DM Radio Edit)
Diablo Montalban - Faith On A Stick
Adult Swim - Too Many Cooks
Negativland - Mounting The Dog
The Motels - Counting

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