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HYPNOTIC TURTLE, founded in 2004 by Arlo and Kim White, is a rock arts collective celebrating culture in Denver city and beyond -- weekly radio show, independent record label, art installations, show reviews, photography, video, and more!

Welcome to the home of HYPNOTIC TURTLE RADIO!

Radio 1190’s Hypnotic Turtle Radio is a weekly mind-meld with the bizarre and beautiful, mixed on the fly by DJ DIABLO MONTALBAN and hosted by Arlo White

HYPNOTIC TURTLE RADIO mixes multiple sound sources and infinite music genres with spoken word and movie dialogue to create something unique for the moment, never to be performed the same way again.Thursdays at 9 pm (mountain time) on Radio 1190.

The show also hosts special guests, from local bands who play live in the studio (e.g. Luna Sol, Slim Cessna, ITCOS, the Blackouts, the Babysitters, the Pollution), to national bands and musicians (e.g. Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Cherie Currie and Lita Ford (the Runaways), Shonen Knife, Gerald Casale (DEVO), Roger Steen (Tubes), and eclectic artists (e.g. Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO), Crispin Glover, Alex Cox).  Stream and download past episodes from our Radio page!

AM 1190 in the Boulder / Denver area

or online at www.radio1190.org






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