Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox

Drive-By Art Gallery! A Box of Magic and Art Hidden in the Suburbs of Broomfield, Colorado!

Created and curated by Hypnotic Turtle founders Arlo and Kim Kennedy White. The Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox was born out of a desire to foster imagination through creativity and inspire a sense of wonder.

Hypnotic Turtle DreamBox: Science Fiction 

On display August 16, 2019 -- Spring 2021 at 115 Garnet St., Broomfield, Colorado 80020. Viewing 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.



Arlo’s current DreamBox, "Science Fiction," pays homage to the sci-fi book and magazine covers of the ‘50s and ‘60s. He draws inspiration from rock n’ roll and pop culture and combines painting, mixed media, and “found objects” to create otherworldly pieces that are experiments in dimension, texture, and color.

Visitors can walk up and peer inside or drive by and see it from the street. Tune in via car radio to hear the eerie sounds coming from the DreamBox.

Prepare for your visit by checking out Hypnotic Turtle’s resident DJ, Diablo Montalban, the master of audio disaster, who just released his new video “Science Fiction (Song for Box)” https://youtu.be/uOiGYEcW7Xs

“Science Fiction” will be on display through spring 2021 when a new artist will take over and present their own DreamBox. 




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